Women in Engineering (WiSE)

March 2, 2017

March marks the annual UBC Women in Engineering event (WiSE).

The largest event hosted by Women in Engineering, the WiSE evening is designed to help female Science & Engineering students meet industry professionals in an informal environment. Students end the evening, having gained a new perspective and a mentor with a career path similar to their goals.

UEE is proud to have had our very own VP of Projects & Engineering, Andrea Zaradic, as the keynote speaker. Andrea is an alumni of the engineering faculty at UBC. She was asked to give young up and coming female engineers some thoughtful insight into her career experiences, overcoming hurdles, and her contributions to the field of engineering all the while managing a life/work balance.

UEE is an organization that supports student development through regular participation in engineering Co-op programs. We look to innovative young engineers to help lead the success of our organization moving into the future. We are truly looking forward to seeing these many capable and high performing UBC engineering alumni enter into their careers and put their stamp on the achievement of organizations like ours.

Congratulations to UBC on a successful & engaging evening!