Switch houses are modular buildings mounted on a skid, which house an incoming section with service transformer and one or more feeders, typically breakers. They are fed with teck or trailing cables, and feed the load through teck cables or UEE's coupler system for trailing cables. For Wabush mines, two types of switch houses were designed and manufactured.

  • Main Transformer switch house: Used to house the controls and ground fault relay o the main distribution oil filled transformer, as well as acted as a power distribution centre. Through an incoming section, a 1200 Amp main bus and two 600 amp feeder breakers, it supplied the pit main overhead lines.
  • Distribution switch house: With one incoming cell and one breaker feeder cell, this mobile switch house is used down the pit to feed a variety of loads such as shovels, drills, and dewatering substations.

In both cases, these switch houses were customized to meet the exact specifications set forth by our customer, right down to the labels, without additional cost. This is due to the fact that our modular design system is flexible enough to allow for substantial modifications and customization without significant additional work.

Dewatering substations. 4160 V starter building: Housing up to 8 medium voltage soft starters. MS-1000 Pit dewatering substation: Incoming power 4160 V-Outgoers six 600 Volt starters of different sizes. Main transformer is 1000 KVA dry type.

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