Client Challenge: 

Run-of-River projects are particularly exciting from an electrical engineering standpoint, as they differ substantially from traditional hydroelectric projects. With minimal water storage, beyond the limited requirements to submerge the intake pipe, and no diversion of downstream flows (diverted water is returned to the stream below the powerhouse), the environmental impact is virtually non-existent.

UEE Solution: 

Glacial ice fields, extreme elevation and steep, fast flowing water typify Run-of-River sites, resulting in hydroelectric power generation largely free of fish or animal habitat.


The Harrison Lake Cloudworks project includes a total of six 30MW Plants, each with 2 x 15MW Vertical Pelton units. UEE services included the Design, Manufacturing, & Commissioning of the 138kV Interconnection Substation Protection & Control System, 8.25kV Generator Switchgear, PLC Based Turbine/Generator Control System, and Station Service Subsystems.

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