Electrical Distribution


Unit Power Controller

UEE manufactures safe, reliable, and cost-effective Unit Power Controllers (UPC) with a modular approach that leverages an extensive library of low-voltage motor starters, equipment controllers and custom power distribution solutions. Our power control portfolio, continually refined by a highly skilled design team, covers a broad spectrum of typical power distribution scenarios and units can be easily customized for unique system requirements. 

Typical Use

Cable Handling Accessories

Cable Handlers

The UEE Cable Handler provides mine personnel with an ergonomically efficient means of moving heavy high-voltage trailing cable rather than having to use brute force. The UEE Cable Handler eliminates direct contact with the cable and awkward stooping that can lead to physical strain and injury.

Trailing Cable Couplers

UEE quick-connect couplers reliably connect high-voltage supply feeds to shovels, drilling rigs and other open-pit and underground mining equipment. UEE couplers can also be used to connect low-voltage motors, fans, pumps or other mobile electrical equipment. Our quick-connect coupler system allows unsurpassed reliability and safety without compromising quick-connect convenience.


UEE manufactures safe, reliable, and cost-effective CSA-certified switchgear using a modular approach that leverages extensive design experience with a vast library of metal-enclosed, metal- clad and arc-flash resistant switchgear cell configurations.

Using advanced 3-D modeling techniques, our UEE design team can readily configure complex and completely unique switchgear lineups from pre-existing models without the time and cost typically associated with ground-up custom design and fabrication. 

Modular Metal-Enclosed Switchgear – Load Break 

Pit Dewatering Substations

The UEE Pit Dewatering Substation brings reliable, configurable and efficient power conversion and distribution to remote industrial settings in an extremely durable and movable package that handles primary switching, step-down voltage conversion and secondary distribution.

Underground Substations

The UEE Underground Substation brings reliable, configurable and efficient power conversion and distribution to mining and industrial settings in an extremely durable and mobile package that handles primary switching, voltage conversion and secondary distribution. Load specific modular feeders handle secondary distribution, and can easily be swapped out to accommodate changing distribution needs. Welded to HSS steel, the body is manufactured from 11ga steel and coated with a durable powder-coat finish. The enclosure provides NEMA 12 protection for the internal components.

Movable Substations

UEE manufactures a wide range of custom designed Substations that are mobile (trailer) moveable (skid) to meet our customer's specific requirements. In many cases, these substations are complete with an e-house, switchgear and protection and control solutions also provided by UEE. 

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