Modular Buildings


Cable Repair Stations

The UEE Cable Repair Station is a fully integrated cable handling and repair facility that enables operational staff to safely and efficiently inspect, test and repair cable.

Typically used in mining applications to repair trailing cable, the UEE Cable Repair Station is a UEE modular-designed enclosure (refer to the UEE Modular Enclosure brochure for details) that includes a fully automated VFD-controlled two cable reel spooling system and cable vulcanizing equipment. This design allows the convenient and safe spooling of cable through the cable repair facility. 


Since our inception, Unit Electrical Engineering Ltd. (UEE) has designed and manufactured modular enclosures for use in various applications. During this time, UEE has refined its engineering and manufacturing expertise to successfully execute the design and supply of modular enclosures from the simplistic to the most challenging of applications.

The "modular system" designed and developed by UEE, is a versatile construction technique for portable steel buildings.


UEE modular enclosures can be configured as bare structures or can be built as complete, self-contained facilities of various functions that ship ready to use.

UEE laboratory modules are built using our flexible modular building design and can be expanded to meet all mining assay requirements. For example, an existing preparation unit can easily be expanded to include full production and support functionality. Laboratories can be configured with any of the following features:

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