Cable Handling Accessories

Cable Handlers

The UEE Cable Handler provides mine personnel with an ergonomically efficient means of moving heavy high-voltage trailing cable rather than having to use brute force. The UEE Cable Handler eliminates direct contact with the cable and awkward stooping that can lead to physical strain and injury.

When maintained and properly used, the UEE Cable Handler provides significant electrical isolation through its insulated fiberglass shaft, which reduces the chance of accidental electrical shock, since the worker does not have direct contact with the cable during movement.

The Cable Handler is used by placing its stainless steel hooks on either side of the cable and engaging with a simple 90 degree twist of the handle. A 90 degree twist in the other direction releases the cable. 

Cable Clamps

UEE Cable Clamp assemblies can be used in a variety of cable management scenarios, such as elevating heavy cables in open-pit mines. Two Cable Clamps used at each elevation point limits internal stress on the cable and protects the cable’s ground-check wire from damage.

UEE Cable Clamps are made of durable cast bronze and are secured with a quick eye-bolt locking system comprised of corrosion-resistant stainless steel and brass hardware. UEE Cable Clamps come with pre-swaged stainless steel cables for easy mounting. 

Cable Reel Stands

UEE Cable Reel Stands are made of powder-coated, heavy-wall steel girders and plates and utilize hydraulic jacks for quick, safe, and easy cable reel lifting for reels up to 102 inches in diameter. Each Cable Reel Stand features durable iron-cast wheels for easy maneuverability. 

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