Shovel Motivator

The Shovel Mover or Motivator provides  temporary power for the “walking” of electric drive shovels. The basic towable trailer platform is standby rated 2000kW @ 5kV. With step-up transformers, the output of the unit can be at 7200V, 13,800V as well as other voltages and in 50 or 60Hz. In addition to the motivator application, the units can be utilized as a mobile standby generator unit

The unit is configured with two separate steel enclosures installed on a custom CVMSS standard - 50” king pin type tridem trailer. The rear enclosure over the engine/generator unit is removable for access to the generator and engine. The second enclosure contains the generator switchgear and unit control panel

Protection and control of the power generation is provided by a PLC based control system, operator interface terminal, fire/heat detection with shutdowns, CSA-M421 standard electrical equipment and feeder protection as well as trailing cable coupler ground and pilot wire continuity protection. 

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