Trailing Cable Couplers

UEE quick-connect couplers reliably connect high-voltage supply feeds to shovels, drilling rigs and other open-pit and underground mining equipment. UEE couplers can also be used to connect low-voltage motors, fans, pumps or other mobile electrical equipment. Our quick-connect coupler system allows unsurpassed reliability and safety without compromising quick-connect convenience.

The UEE conductor arrangement ensures that power cannot be turned on until the couplers are completely connected. Should a coupler in a live circuit be disconnected, power shuts down at the source the instant the ground-check circuit is opened. To increase the safety and reliability of our medium to high-voltage couplers (8kV to 25kV), UEE has incorporated a comprehensive phase-isolating ground shield system to eliminate phase-to-phase faults. 

Collet System

Select UEE couplers utilize our patented Collet System (Canadian Patent Number #2271589), a securing system that eliminates messy solder- type connections by uniformly and securely compressing phase wires for a simple, reliable and low-resistance connection. In a collet-equipped coupler, as a phase wire inserts into the collet, a bolt draws the collet into the phase conductor. As the collet is drawn into the phase conductor, the phase wire is gripped for optimum connection.

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