Unit Power Controller

UEE manufactures safe, reliable, and cost-effective Unit Power Controllers (UPC) with a modular approach that leverages an extensive library of low-voltage motor starters, equipment controllers and custom power distribution solutions. Our power control portfolio, continually refined by a highly skilled design team, covers a broad spectrum of typical power distribution scenarios and units can be easily customized for unique system requirements. 

Typical Use

Typically used in the 480 to 600 volt range, this small, wall-mountable power controller can stand on its own to control a single piece of equipment or can be daisy-chained with other controllers in a bigger distribution network. Contained within a stainless steel enclosure, the low-voltage power controller is protected from the harshest environments and its modular components are easily accessed through an interlocked and lockable front door.

The UPC can be used to operate and protect mobile mining equipment, e.g. jumbos, bolters, etc., as well as pumps, various motor starting applications, control conveyor systems or process controls utilizing a variety of overcurrent, ground-fault, ground-check, shunt-trip and undervoltage trip protection schemes. Optional matching splitter boxes with screw-lug terminal blocks are used to daisy-chain electrical supply for flexible power distribution configurations. 

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